James Douglas Cooper at Paramount Studios, Los Angeles.

James Cooper is an award-winning polymath: creative director, director and editor whose client projects have included work for Mercedes-Benz, Hulu, Apple, Volvo, Visit California Tourism, Travel OregonHeadspace and Chris Hemsworth's Centr. Often shooting his own spots, Cooper has directed stories for major brands and his short film work starring Hollywood A-List talent has garnered awards and screenings worldwide.

As an award-winning agency creative, creative technologist and art director, James is able to successfully inhabit the space where big brand ideas, technology and cinematic storytelling intersect. James has a natural empathy for people, place, and tempo and always interviews subjects himself on set for doc style projects. He’s an adaptable director, adept at crafting memorable performances with actors and non-actors alike. 

James obsesses over cinema, fine art, surfing, nature and music. He recently completed a screenwriter’s residency at the Australians In Film hub Charlie’s on the Raleigh Studios lot in Hollywood. He's developing two long form projects for screen. The first, a coming of age drama set in Australia. The second, a high concept smart science fiction story set on the Californian coastline.   

James is also a performer and musician, which comes in handy when it comes to editing and timing performance-wise on set. With a history of performing in touring orchestras, bands and piano concerts from a young age, James later developed his musical craft as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist alongside his work in the visual realm. He has written for and co-produced 12 musical projects spanning singles, EPs and full length albums including a top 10 ARIA Australian hit. He has toured Europe as a musical director and session musician and recorded and performed in a diverse array of studios, on stages, for live radio and television from Australia to Europe to North America.

James weaves this wealth of stage craft and performance knowledge as a classically trained musician, together with his formal training as a designer, filmmaker and years on set, to bring out the best in his on screen talent and in crafting the best story possible right through the post production process.


Australian Directors Guild, Australian Screen Editors Guild, Screen Producers Australia, Australian Film Institute, Australians In Film – Los Angeles, Society of Composers & Lyricists – Hollywood, Art Directors Club New York, American Institute of Graphic Arts.


James and his short films have been nominated for, and won many international screen awards. A select list is featured below.

2015 – Award Wins

South Africa – Mercedes-Benz Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival - "206"

• Best Actor, Narrative Short (David Oyelowo)

2015 – Award Nominations

South Africa – Mercedes-Benz Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival - "206"

• Best Director, Narrative Short • Best Picture, Narrative Short • Best Music, Narrative Short

2014 – Award Wins

USA - International Fashion Film Festival - "206"

• Best Actor (David Oyelowo)

2014 – Award Nominations

USA - 18th Annual Urban World Film Festival (NYC) - "206"

• Official Selection – Narrative Short 

Ireland - Kinsale Shark Awards - "Cut the nonsense - Book about Tables" – No Nonsense Insurance

• Bronze Award, Viral Film

Ireland - Kinsale Shark Awards

• International New Directors Award

USA - International Fashion Film Festival - "206"

• Best Actor (David Oyelowo)
• Best Art Direction
• Best Editing

Ireland – ICAD - "Agwa de Bolivia – The Path"

• Digital Craft – Direction
• Web Advertising – Web Film

Ireland – ICAD - "No Nonsense Insurance - TV Pre Rolls"

• Digital Craft – Direction Campaign

2013 – Award Wins

USA – Chicago Irish Film Festival – "Amongst Inspiration"

• Official Selection - Short Film

Ireland – ICAD Award – Universal Music's "Fionn Regan: Buknhouse Triptych"

• Best Director - Web Film