James Douglas Cooper

Mallory Norton, Executive Producer (Marie Kondo, Kondo Media)

"James is one of the most unique screen storytellers I’ve worked with. Between his directing, writing and editing work I always know we’ll come out with a superior piece of filmmaking. Beyond that he is kind, creative and patient – the kind of talent you want to have on any set!"

Paige Cooper, Senior Creative (Centr by Chris Hemsworth)

"James is, without a doubt, the best leader I’ve ever worked under; an extremely creative, driven, inspiring multi talent who has helped me grow in more ways than one whilst working under his guidance. As a person, James is an exceptional mentor who cares deeply about his colleagues and their mental health/work pressures. An encouraging boss who pushes you to reach your potential - I simply couldn’t recommend him enough."

Adam Bagger, Managing Director/ Executive Producer (Yonder Content)

"I’ve had the unique pleasure of collaborating with James on a variety of projects that span the gamut between art and commerce. James is a true artist and master storyteller. He's capable of wearing many creative hats, and what truly sets him apart from the pack is that he wears them all well. "

Ivor Noyek, Creative Lead (Wellcome NYC)

"James is one of the most talented and passionate creatives I know. His life revolves around creativity from filmmaking to graphic design to music. He has in depth knowledge of most facets of the creative process in a number of speciality fields and knows how to utilise the appropriate skills for the job at hand, always going beyond simply meeting client expectations. James brings world-class excellence and integrity to any project. He is a mentor for younger creatives and is generous with sharing his extensive experience. Like any inspirational or brilliant creative individual James is constantly developing his craft and learning new skills, never settling for anything below exceptional. James is always top of my list for any collaboration or project, he should be top of yours too. Needless to say, highly recommended."

Harlan Hodges, Composer (Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge)

"James is one of the most mindful, caring, and raw creative talents I have every had the pleasure of working with. His fine attention to detail at whatever creative task is at hand is always elegantly approached and executed. He has an open mind to what others bring to the table as well. I can only describe his work as "holistic" in nature. It is informed through a deep and expansive knowledge across many creative disciplines, but maintains an artistic voice that is truly personal. There is no greater pleasure than being able to work alongside other individuals who challenge you to become a better version of yourself, and this has always been my experience in our work together. James’ distinct creative vision and blend of technical craft is flawless, and he has that constant razor-sharp ability to execute work that is gorgeous, timeless, and continually exceeding expectations. James is one of the most well rounded and intuitive creators I've ever worked with.”

Mark Elizondo, Experience Design Director (Tribal DDB, Moon Design, Digital Eskimo)

"James and I started our creative pursuits together. I was the mature aged student determined to start fresh and he was the talented youthful student who was finding his feet. Throughout the years we shared our passion for design and often spoke about how design can be a true influence. In our many conversations, and mutual mentorship, I found James to be the talented designer of integrity. If you get a chance to see his work, you will see his dedication to a high quality of storytelling. He collaborates with respect, he is true to the vision and he aims to deliver with ownership and passion. A renaissance man, always evolving."